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    What To Know When Choosing A Dog Walker or Daycare

    [fa icon="calendar'] Mar 13, 2016 4:39:14 PM / by Devon Chester

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    Adopting a dog is a commitment.  We have talked about questions to ask before adopting, anticipated costs and what to expect day of adoption.  Today I want to dig into the day to day responsibilities of owning a pet.  People often need to be away from their homes, whether it be a workday, overnight travel or a week vacation; you need a plan for your pet.  Who will be available to help walk, feed and generally give some attention to your pet?  What options are available to you, and how much will it cost?  This blog will cover, what to know when choosing a dog walker or daycare.

    There are a number of wonderful dog walkers and boarders available, and today we want to highlight a company with dog walker, daycare and overnight services.  Dingo’s Dogsitting & Doggy Daycare  is a full service walker/ boarder out of Beverly, MA.

    Whether you need someone to watch your dog for a few hours, a full day or overnight Dingo’s facility can accommodate.  When looking for a great doggy daycare or dog walker you want to learn more about the facility. 

    Questions to ask:

    • Will you need to meet my dog in advance of boarding/walking?
    • What information do you need about my dog in advance of walking, boarding or daycare (ex. vaccination information)?
    • Are they able to provide home visits, or private walking services? How long are the walks?
    • Is your facility insured?
    • What are the options for full day/ partial day daycare? What are the drop-off/ pick-up requirements?
    • Does your facility have an outdoor area (some do not)?
    • How much space do the dogs have access to both indoors and outside?
    • How much time do they spend in both areas?
    • Are the dogs kept in groups or separated? If groups, how do they divide up their dogs?
    • What is the typical human to dog ratio at the daycare?
    • Do you have a permit from your City or town to operate?  Can I see a
      copy of the permit?
    • Has your facility been inspected by a local animal control officer?
      (*You can confirm this by calling the town hall)
    • About how many dogs per day are at your facility on average?
    • Are staff members certified in dog first aid?

    Questions specific to dog walkers/ anyone going into your home:

    • Are you bonded as well as insured?
    • Will my dog be walked individually or with a pack?  If with a pack, how many dogs in the dog-walkers care at once?
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    What To Know Before Adopting A Horse

    [fa icon="calendar'] Mar 8, 2016 7:30:00 AM / by Devon Chester

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    I have been focusing a lot of attention on dogs and cats in need of our help, but sadly animals in need go far beyond cats and dogs.  From animal testing, to protecting our oceans, there are so many ways we can be helping animals.  I thought I would take a moment to bring attention to a group of animals who don’t often get the spotlight, horses.

    Horses aren’t a typical pet and are very expensive to maintain.  Boarding, feeding, and exercise are just a few requirements you must take into consideration before deciding to own a horse.  Through my research I came across estimated costs of $2,500- $3,600 per year, not including stable costs, to own a horse.

    Perhaps it’s a misunderstanding of how much it actually costs to maintain a healthy horse, or just people falling on troubled times, but on occasion these costs become too much for a horse owner.  Whether this puts an owner in a position where they must surrender their horse, or worst case scenario the horse is neglected or abused, what options are out there to protect these animals?

    I was happy to see Massachusetts has facilities dedicated to the health and wellbeing of horses.   Organizations like NEER North, Inc. are non-profits companies focused on rehabilitating and locating families to adopt these lovely animals.

    All pets require a commitment from their owners to ensure everyone’s success.  This is why Local Animal Heroes is focused on helping educate people on what to know before taking on the responsibility of a pet.  For cats and dogs, we have put together helpful tip sheets, with questions to ask yourself before finalizing your decision to adopt.  A horse would require the same level of commitment.  We are happy to have friends with experience that are willing to speak with you about what to know before adopting a horse.  Review the type of upfront, monthly and annual costs as well as the necessary supplies for becoming an avid rider.

    Feel free to contact Back In The Tack  if you would like to discuss the costs associated with owning and maintaining a horse.  They are happy to help answer your questions,and properly prepare you for a happy, healthy life with your new horse.

    Think a cat or dog might be more your speed.  Feel free to download our helpful tips to ask your self before adopting.  Interested in an estimate cost break out to raise a health dog/ puppy, visit our blog: What To Consider Before Adopting A Puggle  (information applies to breeds other then puggles).

    Visit Back In The Tack's Website



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    Puppy In Need Of A Prosthetic

    [fa icon="calendar'] Mar 6, 2016 4:04:24 PM / by Devon Chester

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    I want to take a moment to focus on a dog currently in need of our help.  I had an opportunity to speak with a member of the Northeast Animal Shelter team, and asked if there was an immediate area where they need support.  The answer was yes, her name is Cher, and she is a puppy in need of a prosthetic. 

    Northeast Animal Shelter works with partner organizations in the south to help relocated animals to their facility here in Salem, MA.  Cher and her sibling Sonny, were found abandon in rural Georgia searching for food in a dumpster.  They were saved and placed with a foster family, before being relocated to Massachusetts to the Northeast Animal Shelter.  Cher was unfortunately missing a foot, and no one is exactly sure how it happened.  Regardless Cher has an amazing attitude, and as you would expect, is an energetic puppy.

    In order to help Cher live her life to the fullest, they are looking to have a prosthetic made for her to replace the missing foot.  An organization has volunteer to help make her first prosthetic, but of course Cher is still young and will need replacements in the future.  The Northeast Animal Shelter is looking for donations to help create a fund that will support Cher’s future needs.

    What a great opportunity to show compassion and help Cher, and her future family, with her ongoing medical expenses.  Northeast Animal Shelter was kind enough to make a video to bring Cher’s story to life.  Below is a link to her video so you can see Cher in action!

    This page will also provide information on where to go to help donate directly to Cher.

    Meet Cher - click here to link to her video

    If you are ready to help Cher as well as all current, and future residents of Northeast Animal Shelter, please use the link below to help contribute to this wonderful organization!

    Donate To Cher

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    What To Consider Before Adopting A Puggle

    [fa icon="calendar'] Mar 4, 2016 7:09:55 PM / by Devon Chester

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    My last few blogs have focused on bring attention to stories of animal cruelty.  More importantly what cities, towns and animal shelters are doing to either help or put an end to the mistreatment of animals.

    I wanted to switch things up and take a moment to focus on a happier topic, pet adoption!  Have you been thinking about adopting a dog or cat?  A few questions to ask yourself to determine you are ready for a pet:  How should I prepare?  How much will it cost to raise a pet?   These are excellent questions, and it’s important to know this isn’t a decision to take lightly.  Pets are wonderful companions but we can’t forget they need a commitment from their owners to make sure everyone in the household is happy and health.  Cats and dogs have different requirements, so for today’s blog I am going to focus on dogs.  With that said, dogs require a varying amount of upkeep depending on age and size.  Since I have personal experience, I am going to use Maggie (my 20lb puggle) as the motivation for my examples below.  Below I will break out what it would cost and ideally what to consider before adopting a puggle.  

    I have broken out some expected costs when bring home this adorable puppy/ dog, as well as what you can expect on a monthly and annual basis moving forward.  The puppy years can be some of the most expensive, so I have called these our specifically.  Remember if you adopt an older dog, these puppy costs will not apply.


    Start-up Costs (puppy):

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    How Can I Make A Difference Helping Animals In Need In The Boston Area

    [fa icon="calendar'] Mar 2, 2016 7:49:41 PM / by Devon Chester

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    Justice for puppy doe (link to full story)….Yet another story of a pet in the wrong hands.  In what can only be described as one of the worst cases of animal cruelty, sadly this story does not have a happy ending.  Although puppy Doe arrived in critical condition, veterinarians still did all they could to try and save this 1-2 year old pitbull.  Another example of an animal clinic refusing to give up.

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    Put An End To The Sale Of Puppy Mill Puppies In MA

    [fa icon="calendar'] Feb 25, 2016 8:20:39 AM / by Devon Chester

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    Since Oprah shed light on the horror behind puppy mills in a 2008 episode, I have hoped someone would take a stand against these operations.  I have wondered,  what if anything,  are people trying to do to put an end to the sale of puppy mill puppies in MA?  I was happy to read in a recent article that a Boston politician is taking a stand. 

    Link to Oprah Episode: Oprah Puppy Mill Episode

    Jamaica Plain' City Councilor Matt O'Malley will announce a new city ordinance, "the puppy mill bill." If this bill becomes a law it will create a city ordinance for preventing shipping animals to Massachusetts from puppy mills.

    “I am proud to introduce this ordinance that will not only protect animals, but seeks to prevent financial and emotional costs to the city and its residents, and demonstrate that it is important for Boston to foster a more humane environment in the city,” said O’Malley through a press release.

    It’s an important moment to see a city like Boston, rich with history and some of the world’s best and brightest, doing our part to try and eradicate puppy mills.  Of course this is just this beginning of what needs to be a nationwide effort, but it’s a start.

    Thank you Matt O'Malley for helping those who are unable to help themselves.

    Link to additional info about the puppy mill bill: O'Malley's Puppy Mill Bill

    Remember there are plenty of local dogs and cats in need of adoption.  If you have made the decision to add a four legged member to your family, please contact your local pet rescue facility.  This month we are recognizing the Northeast Animal Shelter.   The Northeast Animal Shelter has been in business for 40 years,  and is happy to report adopting over 125,000 animals in that time.  Their work continues and we ask that you visit their website to see the many friendly faces in need of a home.


     Download Our Check List:  Questions To Ask Before Adopting A Pet

    Put An End To The Sale Of Puppy Mill Puppies In MA

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