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    What To Know When Choosing A Dog Walker or Daycare

    [fa icon="calendar"] Mar 13, 2016 4:39:14 PM / by Devon Chester

    Devon Chester

    Adopting a dog is a commitment.  We have talked about questions to ask before adopting, anticipated costs and what to expect day of adoption.  Today I want to dig into the day to day responsibilities of owning a pet.  People often need to be away from their homes, whether it be a workday, overnight travel or a week vacation; you need a plan for your pet.  Who will be available to help walk, feed and generally give some attention to your pet?  What options are available to you, and how much will it cost?  This blog will cover, what to know when choosing a dog walker or daycare.

    There are a number of wonderful dog walkers and boarders available, and today we want to highlight a company with dog walker, daycare and overnight services.  Dingo’s Dogsitting & Doggy Daycare  is a full service walker/ boarder out of Beverly, MA.

    Whether you need someone to watch your dog for a few hours, a full day or overnight Dingo’s facility can accommodate.  When looking for a great doggy daycare or dog walker you want to learn more about the facility. 

    Questions to ask:

    • Will you need to meet my dog in advance of boarding/walking?
    • What information do you need about my dog in advance of walking, boarding or daycare (ex. vaccination information)?
    • Are they able to provide home visits, or private walking services? How long are the walks?
    • Is your facility insured?
    • What are the options for full day/ partial day daycare? What are the drop-off/ pick-up requirements?
    • Does your facility have an outdoor area (some do not)?
    • How much space do the dogs have access to both indoors and outside?
    • How much time do they spend in both areas?
    • Are the dogs kept in groups or separated? If groups, how do they divide up their dogs?
    • What is the typical human to dog ratio at the daycare?
    • Do you have a permit from your City or town to operate?  Can I see a
      copy of the permit?
    • Has your facility been inspected by a local animal control officer?
      (*You can confirm this by calling the town hall)
    • About how many dogs per day are at your facility on average?
    • Are staff members certified in dog first aid?

    Questions specific to dog walkers/ anyone going into your home:

    • Are you bonded as well as insured?
    • Will my dog be walked individually or with a pack?  If with a pack, how many dogs in the dog-walkers care at once?

    When a dog is young, dog walkers or daycare will be critical if you are unable to provide them with a walk every few hours.  If you know you will be away from your dog for work travel or vacation, make sure to connect with your doggy daycare well in advance.  Most facilities need advanced warning to ensure there is space available.  They may require meeting your pet in advance.  Good practice is to introduce your pet to this new environment before your departure, to make sure this is a smooth transition for both you and your dog.  Preparing your dog will help prevent stress, and make it a more enjoyable experience for both you and them.

    Lastly, look for a doggy daycare like Dingo’s Dogsitting & Doggy Daycare that acknowledges pets are family members, and need to be treated like one! 

    For more information about preparing to adopt, please read our blog post: What To Know Before Adopting A Puggle (recommendation in this blog can apply to all breeds!)

    Interested in understanding the expenses to raise a happy, healthy pet?


    Download Our Check List:  Questions To Ask Before Adopting A Pet


     What To Know When Choosing A Dog Walker Or Daycare



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