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    How Can I Make A Difference Helping Animals In Need In The Boston Area

    [fa icon="calendar"] Mar 2, 2016 7:49:41 PM / by Devon Chester

    Devon Chester

    Justice for puppy doe (link to full story)….Yet another story of a pet in the wrong hands.  In what can only be described as one of the worst cases of animal cruelty, sadly this story does not have a happy ending.  Although puppy Doe arrived in critical condition, veterinarians still did all they could to try and save this 1-2 year old pitbull.  Another example of an animal clinic refusing to give up.

    I asked myself, how can I make a difference helping animals in need in the Boston area?

    Local Animal Heroes is dedicated to educating the world on the mistreatment of animals, but more importantly to start a dialogue around how we can help.  We want to highlight stories like puppy Doe, so we take a moment to realize there is a problem that needs attention.  We also want to put a spotlight on the wonderful work volunteer organizations are doing to help these animals.

    Perhaps these stories help confirm you are ready to adopt a dog or cat.  If adoption isn’t an option, there is always the opportunity to help the cause with a donation of time or money.  Every bit helps and we encourage you to get involved.  We have highlighted our local hero – Northeast Animal Shelter if you are looking for a deserving organization in need of your support.  They also have a lot of adorable animals ready for a forever home.

    Local Animal Heroes was starting in Massachusetts but we want our readers to remember we are always looking to put a spotlight on deserving organizations, where ever they are located.  We ask that you use the comment section of the blog to share your stories of animal rescue facilities that need the attention and support.  All we ask is that these organizations be non-profit/ no kill shelters.  These organization need our support and we hope you are ready to help.

    How I can make a difference helping animals in need in the boston area

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