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    Puppy In Need Of A Prosthetic

    [fa icon="calendar"] Mar 6, 2016 4:04:24 PM / by Devon Chester

    Devon Chester

    I want to take a moment to focus on a dog currently in need of our help.  I had an opportunity to speak with a member of the Northeast Animal Shelter team, and asked if there was an immediate area where they need support.  The answer was yes, her name is Cher, and she is a puppy in need of a prosthetic. 

    Northeast Animal Shelter works with partner organizations in the south to help relocated animals to their facility here in Salem, MA.  Cher and her sibling Sonny, were found abandon in rural Georgia searching for food in a dumpster.  They were saved and placed with a foster family, before being relocated to Massachusetts to the Northeast Animal Shelter.  Cher was unfortunately missing a foot, and no one is exactly sure how it happened.  Regardless Cher has an amazing attitude, and as you would expect, is an energetic puppy.

    In order to help Cher live her life to the fullest, they are looking to have a prosthetic made for her to replace the missing foot.  An organization has volunteer to help make her first prosthetic, but of course Cher is still young and will need replacements in the future.  The Northeast Animal Shelter is looking for donations to help create a fund that will support Cher’s future needs.

    What a great opportunity to show compassion and help Cher, and her future family, with her ongoing medical expenses.  Northeast Animal Shelter was kind enough to make a video to bring Cher’s story to life.  Below is a link to her video so you can see Cher in action!

    This page will also provide information on where to go to help donate directly to Cher.

    Meet Cher - click here to link to her video

    puppy in need of a prosthetic

    If you are ready to help Cher as well as all current, and future residents of Northeast Animal Shelter, please use the link below to help contribute to this wonderful organization!

    Donate To Cher

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